Types of Carpet

Eclectic and always versatile, carpeting holds a steady spot in billions of American households, and it is easy to understand why. With thousands of choices to ponder, it’s easy to customize your idea look: one that combines all the functions your life requires, along with the colors, textures, and patterns you desire. At Cinderella Carpet One Floor & Home you will discover one of the area’s most expansive collections of carpeting and related products, along with the expertise that can only come from decades of collective industry experience. 

What’s the first step in finding the perfect carpeting? Well, if you ask us, a good starting point involves taking a closer look at the many different carpeting types available. With many different variations in carpet fiber- which is also known as pile- each type of carpet offers its own unique aesthetics and capabilities in terms of durability, performance, texture, and appearance. 

Tigressa Carpet

Textured Carpets

Like many of us, your living room or waiting area is pretty well-traveled, with foot traffic passing over it on the regular. With textured carpeting, it’s easy to hide everyday imperfections. Textured rugs boast carefully-trimmed pile and tightly-wound yarns, resulting in subtle patterns than are extremely forgiving on dirt, dust, and foot print, as well as light reflections. 

Frieze Carpets 

Once considered a relic from the 1970s, frieze carpeting – also called shag- has recently made a comeback. With its shaggy, fluffy pile, and unruly twists, frieze is extremely friendly on your feet. It also has a truly unique appearance, making it an increasingly trendy pick for playrooms or dens as it hides many everyday ills. 

Level Loop Carpets 

With its looped, uncut yarns, this multipurpose carpeting is extremely sturdy and flexible. It can instantly disguise soils since it typically boasts rich shading. There are many types of level loop rugs available, in varying heights, making it possible to locate options appropriate for many different types of spaces. 

Pattern Carpets 

A composition of high and low loops, pattered carpeting boasts eye-catching patterns. This type of rug tends to be durable, and is a popular solution for office buildings, since it disguises footprints and vacuum lines. Patterned carpets also create the appearance of added depth. 

Plush Carpets 

Velvety to the touch, plush carpeting is luxurious and enticing. It has an extremely dense composition, making it quite comfortable to walk or sit upon. However, since this deeper pile can quickly become marred with footprints, it’s not recommended for heavily-treaded spaces. 

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