Newest Floor Trends

Explore more about the latest trends in flooring.

newest flooring trendsWhile flooring trends don’t change as often as fashion trends, they do evolve due to advanced technology. When it comes to floors, wood, reclaimed wood, and character wood are currently trending. Reclaimed wood uses old building materials and repurposes it. More and more, character wood planks with knots and grains are taking center stage. And these flooring styles come in some new colors like almost black, gray and blonde. Many homeowners are putting site-finished floors in their homes.

These floors are unfinished tongue and groove wood planks that are sanded after installation. They’re popular due to its seamless look and control over the finish. Luxury vinyl is another popular trend showcasing leather, loose lay and metallic looks. Expect to leather-vinyl looks in game rooms, man caves and more this year. The vinyl floor option of loose lay is on the rise. It’s durable, heavy and only requires some double-sided carpet tape around the perimeter. Without a doubt, it’s an easy installation.

Vinyl floors with a hint of metallic are becoming a favorite, as its makes the floor look elegant and shimmery. Tile with a wood-look, geometric patterns, brick-look, and cement-look are also some popular flooring trends. As a matter of fact, wood-look tile is quickly becoming the whole house staple. Shapes and patterns once used just for walls and backsplashes are taking their place in floors. The patterns and colors are endless and give the floor a bohemian chic appeal. These floor choices are fun and eye-catching. Brick-look tile is another flooring option that is now expanding from wall tile. It’s both a classic and European look. Not only is that cement-look used on countertops, but it’s being transferred to the floor. Cement-look tile delivers a modern and industrial designer flair.

When it comes to flooring trends in 2016, the styles are definitely exciting and just about endless.