Flooring Renovation Advice

flooring renovation California

Is it going to be completed on time? Will it go over budget? How big of a mess will it make?
Those three questions are often asked by homeowners when their floors are undergoing any kind of renovation. And rightfully so – as flooring renovations can be stressful and inconvenient. For more homeowners, however, the end result is usually well worth any inconvenience or stress that was endured along the way. Even so, it’s best to know what to expect when contractors are performing a flooring renovation in your home. Here are some tips for how to survive:

• Expect the unexpected: All projects usually have some sort of snag along the way. On this note, prepare yourself for what’s to come. Budget at least 10 percent more than what the project was estimated at and be sure to pack your patience. Floor renovation projects rarely run by the book, but knowing what to expect can help you to better anticipate this. 

• Plan for a mess: Renovations are dusty, loud and messy. Hence, we recommend removing any valuables or other items from the room being worked on to minimize the risk of damage to them. 

• Wear shoes: Work zones are messy, and while contractors usually do a pretty good job of cleaning up messes and tools before knocking off for the day, it’s always a good idea to wear shoes during a renovation. You don’t want to step on a nail or staple. 

• Make necessary arrangements: Try to arrange most of the work to be performed while you’re out of the house (i.e. when you’re at work, the kids are at school, etc.) so you’re not bumping into the contractors and potentially hindering their progress. It also makes sense to board or have relatives care for any large pets during the project. Lastly, be sure to get out of the house, even if the contractors have left for the day. We know how it is looking at a mess or a half-completed floor: not fun. Getting out of the house can be therapeutic. 

• Don’t be nosy: It’s cool if you want to chat with the contractors from time to time, perhaps even get a status report on things before they knock off for the day, but don’t hover over them and watch their every move. Contractors don’t like a nosy homeowner, they like to stay on task and work efficiently. Don’t impact that.

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