Custom Staircases

custom staircases California

Every proud homeowner has something about their house that they absolutely adore. Most homeowners prefer to have something in their home that is unique and special to their place of residence. It serves as talking point, something to show off, and something to admire. For these homeowners, staircases might just be that thing.

Storage Stairs
A very popular current trend is the beautiful staircase with hidden storage. These stairs will either look ornate or traditional, but both will have hidden storage space in the inside or under the stairs. What that space is used for is up to the fortunate owner. A custom-built staircase designed for storage is the perfect feature for a modest living space that may be easily cluttered. What makes this stair trend so special is that it fits well into just about any home.

Unique Handrails
Another fashionable trend amongst custom stairs, are custom designed handrails. Unique handrails have the remarkable ability to turn an ordinary staircase into something that looks like a piece of art. Your imagination is the limit when designing special handrails for a staircase. Many people like to go with handrails that look like tree branches with leaves on it, while others choose handrails with one-of-a-kind designs crafted between the handrails and the staircase. It is nearly impossible to design ugly handrails, as they all look stunningly artistic in contrast with more traditional stairs.

Spiral Staircases
Spiral staircases are a thing of the past, present and future. They have been and always will be a trend and in style. Some people may imagine a black wrought-iron staircase of old, but they would be severely limiting themselves to stick with one such image. There have been spiral staircases designed out of many materials, to look like many things, from wood to stainless steel. Your spiral staircase can be made out of beautiful rich wood and designed to look as though it belonged in a tree house, or it can be made of shiny steel and metal and designed to look like the spine of a human. Both of these uniquely wonderful staircases have been done. Whatever your personal tastes are, there are a wide variety of beautifully designed custom stairs that you are sure to adore.  

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