Cork Floors in Salinas

Take a deeper look into cork flooring. 

Cork Flooring

It is beautiful and trendy, but what do you know about cork flooring? The following will help you understand what exactly cork flooring is, cork flooring pros and cons and plenty of facts to help you decide if cork floors are the right fit for you.  

While cork flooring may seem like a modern trend, it has been in use for more than a century. The popularity of cork flooring remained high through the 60s and 70s, but sales dropped steadily until the 2000s. Sustainability and retro appeal have made it the design darling it is today.  

Cork Properties 

Have you ever noticed how resilient a wine bottle stopper is? Cork is springy and flexible. It is a natural shock-absorber. All of these properties translate to comfort under foot. This makes it the perfect choice for areas like the kitchen or even a home gym. Just think how many broken dishes it could save over the course of a few years. Environmentally, cork lessons the impact as well. After harvesting, trees regenerate their bark over time. Harvesting is a highly regulated process. Because of this, trees tend to live between 100-200 years, making cork flooring one of the most sustainable and renewable products. Another perk worth mentioning is that cork is the recommended flooring choice for allergy sufferers. It contains a botanical called suberin. This compound wards off dust, mildew, mold, bacterial rot, and pests. Cork flooring is considered hypoallergenic. 

Things to Have in Mind 

It is true; the surface of cork can become scarred over time. Therefore precautions should be taken from the start. Coasters should be placed under all furniture. Sliding furniture across the floor is a definite no-no. Even dirt and debris, build-up can damage the appearance, so frequent cleaning is essential. Cork flooring is sealed with various types of protective coatings that need to be reapplied every few years, per manufacturer’s suggestion. One of the most prominent complaints with cork flooring is that it can fade after years of exposure to sunlight. Consult with a flooring expert the best areas to use cork flooring.  Cork flooring has many amazing attributes but a few issues worth considering as well. If you are still considering cork flooring, the next step is to visit our store today and experience the loveliness for yourself.