Commercial Flooring

Learn here all you need to know about commercial flooring installation.

commercial flooring installation tipsWhen you are preparing to have new floors installed in your business, you'd be surprised at all the things you should consider before deciding on the material. Is soft surface a better option than hard surface? Before making your final decision, here is a list of the things you should take into consideration: 

What is your brand message? - Colors and designs should coincide with your brand message and vibration. For example, if you are a feel-good company that provides products or services for children, bright, welcoming colors and kid-friendly patterns that are inviting and fun would be a good choice. Conversely, if you are a corporate office, wood flooring or luxurious carpeting in a dark color like navy or forest green would be ideal to welcome your clients. 

Consider the noise factor in your business- Wood flooring is beautiful and can add a contemporary and modern edge to the look of your business. However, if you have a high level of foot traffic, over time the flooring can become very noisy. This is not ideal in an environment that thrives in quiet, nor if you don't desire to hear your floors squeaking whenever people are walking. In these situations, noise-absorbing flooring options, like carpet, or cork material flooring- would be great to consider. 

Longevity for your Commercial Flooring- The last thing that you want to bear in mind when you are picking your new commercial floors is how long they will last. No one wants to replace their floors every few years and based on your business type; there will be certain factors that you will want to think about in how your flooring needs to perform. Therefore, you will want to concentrate on picking materials for your floors that can absorb impact, reduce noise, be cleaned and maintained easily, are non-slip (to avoid potential accidents and insurance claims).

There are many commercial flooring options available. Once you have gone through your checklist of flooring considerations, you will still have a plethora of colors, patterns, and materials available to choose for your new commercial floors. Make the choice that best coincides with your brand and will bring beauty to your business space for years to come.   

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